Reptile Calculator Questions

Listed below are a number of pre defined questions we belive users may ask. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact our support team.

1. Polygenic traits (poly = many | genic = genes), why they are not in your calculator?

Polygenic traits are highly unpredictable genes and are not simply recessive, dominant, or co-dominant. We currently do not support polygenetic traits (red stripes, bold stripes, halloween masks, etc) with the Reptile Calculator software in order to make sure your genetic results are as accurate as possible.

2. Why can you not guarantee the outcomes of my breeding projects?

The Reptile Calculator is available to our users as a tool, we cannot guarantee the results created by any user as it pertains to their specific breeding projects and/or their genetic knowledge.

3. I believe a genetic outcome is incorrect - what can I do?

Please contact our support team.

4. I cannot find a specific morph, can I get it added?

Yes - please contact our support team. The morph you submit must be a proven genetic morph combination and will go through moderation before it is submitted to the Reptile Calculator.

5. Why do some morphs have an image and description and some do not?

Reptile Calculator is always seeking high quality representations of proven morphs. If a morph has indeed been hatched and reproduced, we want to see it in our calculator. You can submit images here.

6. Will you be adding more genetic sets?

Yes, we will be releasing additional genetic sets in future software updates. If you think you may be able to help us mapping out the genetics of a particular sepcies, please contact our support team.

7. Can I add a description or add to the current morph descriptions?

Yes - You can help us by submitting morph descriptions to our support team. All submissions are moderated and will be manually approved by an administrator.

8. How do I use the calculator?

  • Choose a morph from the available ‘Morph Selector’ drop down menus for male and female pairings. The Reptile Calculator results instantly show up below in the ‘Genetic Outcomes’ section.
  • If your pairings are more complex, you can create your own morph combinations by selecting from the available Recessive, Co-Dominant and Dominant drop down menus.
  • Click on the photos in the ‘Genetic Outcomes’ section to view a close up of the genetic possibilities of your pairings.

9. Do you answer genetic questions via email?

No - we do not answer genetic questions at our email address.

10. Are you genetic experts?

No - we are not genetic experts, just passionate reptile keepers.

11. If I get stuck using the calculator, what can I do?

Contact our Support Team

12. Can I suggest a feature for the calculator?

Yes, we appreciate feedback about our software. Please contact our Support Team with your feature suggestions.